Make Me Your In-House Shift Mistress!

Meg Dennison
917-733-6945 Meg Dennison

Free snacks are nice, but free coaching makes your space even more valuable. Business coaching isn’t just for broken businesses or the “messed up” people running them. My coaching provides a practical, playful pathway for people who are already successful to break through to even greater ease, connection, and significance.

Innovative, high-performing teams in companies like Google, Genentech, Asana, use mindfulness and consciousness to create collaborative work environments that also grow the bottom line.  Google wrote a book on it, and every workplace benefits from more clarity and creativity.

Bring me into your workplace!  As your in-house Shift Mistress, I’ll help you and your co-workers shift in the moment and then in every area of your life. When we become aware of our “dramatic” entanglements and patterns, we free up massive amounts of time and energy for creativity.

Are you ready to release drama and melt fear?

Over lunch or after work, you will:

  • PLAY on the Drama Triangle until you’re ready to claim 100% responsibility.
  • PULL a Shift Card for silly moves to transform your perception of the problem.
  • EASILY FIND your openness to learning, ABOVE the line or BELOW the line. (Hint: abrupt exits are way down there!)
  • FACE your issue; commit to one simple, EASY way to begin addressing it.
  • LISTEN with your head, heart and gut for the deepest desires of your colleagues and customers.
  • BREATH to feel better and make better decisions
  • EXPLORE the Four Pillars of Integrity for emotional intelligence, impeccable agreements, healthy responsibility and communication.
  • USE online mindfulness and shifting apps to remind of your power to live in presence and happiness.

The Shift Mistress offers 1-2 hour group sessions anytime, especially over lunch or post-work.