Coaching with Meg and being in the Thriving Women leadership circle has led to profound shifts in my leadership and my life. The conscious leadership principles we practiced in the group are fundamentals in my leadership tool kit, enabling me to strengthen my working relationships, enhance the effectiveness of my team, and confidently take on new challenges.

Jennifer Shenker

Head of People Rewards, Analytics and Operations, Asana

Tim and Meg’s workshop at our conference of World Bank Group human resources managers brought the principles of conscious leadership to a diverse group of leaders from around the world. Inspiring and enthusiastic, they showed participants how to move from simply putting out daily HR fires to creating a culture where people learn to be more effective and help themselves without the drama. Their presentation was practical and immediately applicable to our work here.
Ruth Grove

Human Resources Manager, The World Bank Group

The workshop was very good. Meg was organized and an excellent coach in guiding people through their examples. The most important takeaway for me was that I can apply this logic to all areas of my life, not just work. It empowered me and gave me tools on how to deal with life situations and people.
Anastasia Jones

Foodstate Inc., Manchester, NH

During our two-day partner retreat, Tim and Meg taught us conscious communication tools and helped us get really clear on what we wanted for the business and for ourselves at a time when our business was not growing the way we thought it should. They helped us express our frustrations, appreciations and craft a plan for moving forward.
Aleesa Daley

CEO, Playa Technologies, Los Angeles

Working with Meg has boosted my career in ways I never imagined. I’m now fully seeing myself as the effective and inspiring leader I’ve always been. The conscious leadership practices I’ve brought to my team at a large public organization are making a noticeable difference in how we talk and work with each other. I’ve also learned to effectively manage my energy for greater productivity and less stress, so I’m happier at work and at home.
Nicole Butler

consultant to The Newark Public Library

Meg Dennison’s 21st Century Leadership Skills can focus and accelerate your effectiveness while you expand your embodied experience of well being. I highly recommend her workshops.
Kathlyn Hendricks

CEO, The Hendricks Institute

Meg is so amazing at making huge things feel manageable. Her gift is she  knew just how hard to push me. She saw what I was capable of and helped me find the missing piece to make it all come together.
Jennifer White

Founder, Music Makers, Kansas City

Dynamic, responsive, energetic. One of Meg’s greatest strengths is how fully she listens and turns me toward my own journey, my own strengths and agendas that I hadn’t realized I was unconsciously following. Her wisdom has helped guide me to a more centered and grounded way of dealing with the challenges in my day-to-day world, as a parent, as a partner, and as a surgeon dealing with difficult patients and administrative challenges. It is remarkable how much fun I had while learning with Meg’s support.
Dr. Roderick Syme, MD

Surgeon, Ottawa, Canada

An excellent opportunity to refresh my leadership and team building skills, while adding new perspectives and mentoring tools to work with on myself and for the organization.
Paul R. Guitard

Business Development Officer, Woodmeister Master Builders, Boston

Meg was confident and authentic. She shared powerful stuff, and it was a great reminder to notice what exactly I do when people ask for my attention
Oxana Holtmann

Co-founder, Genius Xpat

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