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I support leaders who are willing to make a difference in their world.

con·scious lead·er

In my world, a conscious leader develops their own self-awareness as a cornerstone of effective, innovative and compassionate leadership to inspire innovation and people.

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Find the guide for you. I work with curious people who want a challenging, yet loving guide to support their journey in getting what they most want from work and life.

Powerful Individual Coaching

Bring your whole self to work and to all of life with powerful personal coaching that helps you break free of long-standing patterns and consistently bring the best of yourself to work and home.

Conscious Living and Leadership Groups

Learn and practice conscious leadership tools with like-minded leaders (virtually and in person) who support each other in full on living with joy and purpose, guided by an experienced conscious leadership coach.

Conscious Leadership for Business

Free your workplace from energy draining patterns that stifle innovation. Create a conscious culture and

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Conscious leadership training for our Fourthwave entrepreneurs has been a powerful way to help participants cultivate self-reflection uncommon in startup programs, but vital to sustainable culture. Meg real time experience came through in the classroom, as well as in one-on-one coaching that’s creating enormous benefits for our CEOs.

Tracy Saville

Co-founder, accelerator for women entrepreneurs, Co-founder, Herba Inc.

Meg is a truly transformational coach. She manages to be both challenging and supportive at once and created a high-trust learning environment that was an effective catalyst for growth among the leaders in our group, Whether in a large group setting or smaller virtual forum, you can count on Meg for insightful and incisive guidance.

Kelly Wenzel

Director of Global Marketing for Amazon Pay

Working with Meg has boosted my career in ways I never imagined. I’m now fully seeing myself as the effective and inspiring leader I’ve always been. The conscious leadership practices I’ve brought to my team at a large public organization are making a noticeable difference in how we talk and work with each other. I’ve also learned to effectively manage my energy for greater productivity and less stress, so I’m happier at work and at home.

Nicole Butler

CEO United Minds

We wanted to create a company with a compelling culture of purpose and meaning. Working with Meg opened new possibilities for how to make that transition and allowed us to quickly activate our strategy and create the culture we wanted for our ideal workplace.

Adam Bouchard

Founder and CEO, Agilion, Burlington, VT

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