Thriving Women’s Leadership, Are You Ready to Start Thriving?

I’m all about helping women become conscious leaders and I want to hear you shout from the rooftops!

What are you proud of today? What have you overcome? Reach out to me and let me know. I want to hear about it.

What’s an acceptable tooting of your own horn? And would you call that braggy?

Then I had the thought… Does keeping quiet about our work serve us? Let’s all be helping women become conscious leaders by celebrating each other wildly!

Even if you don’t put it in your newsletter, celebrate your wins.

Why? Because celebrating your wins moves you to the next goal, even if you’re exhausted from commuting again, still juggling at home or have finally seen a massive project come to fruition.

Because, when we can appreciate ourselves AND others, we open the tap for full expression of ourselves and others and we grow professionally and personally.

So whether you’re an entrepreneur, managing a team or leading yourself, your investment in yourself is a gift to everyone in your world.

I’ll been leading a group of courageous women this September to become better humans at work and at home. This circle of women will help you thrive in your circle of influence with self-awareness, love, compassion and humor. Members share life and leadership challenges with each other and are supported through the lens of Conscious Leadership and the Enneagram.

In each monthly meeting, members discover their blind spots, grow their gifts and improve their relationships in all areas of life.

We draw on The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, The Big Leap, and other conscious leadership work to explore the care principles of conscious leadership, including responsibility, curiosity, candor and integrity. We use the wisdom of the Enneagram to spot repeating patterns to shift.

If you’re

  • Hungry for feedback
  • Want company to practice Conscious Leadership
  • Want to see your blindspots and do something about them
  • At a point in life where you know what got you here won’t get you there
  • Tired of your old stories about yourself
  • Clear on the importance of doing your inner work

Then Apply Today for our upcoming session in September! 

In our time together, side-by-side with female conscious leaders, you will:

  • Deepen your self-awareness for great leadership 
  • Feel feel less lonely on your leadership journey 
  • Get loving feedback on how you’re really showing up in the world
  • Be challenged to develop your influence
  • Learn transformational practices to help you relax and feel aligned
  • Create close personal connections with other women so you expand your edges with love, compassion, and humor 
  • Practice conscious leadership so you can take the tools to your team
  • Develop practices to move from a TO-ME to a BY-ME worldview, where you are consciously creating what you want
Our upcoming September session will consist of 5 virtual zoom meetings and a grand finale LIVE weekend retreat in beautiful Santa Cruz!

Apply to Join Us Today – Spots are limited to only 10 Amazing Women!

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