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Everything Enneagram and Conscious Leadership

 Have you noticed yourself repeating the same icky behaviors over and over? The Enneagram is an ancient wisdom tool for modern business leadership and life that helps us see the blind spots that others see, learn to pause and then make a change with the skills of Conscious Leadership. In this group, we’ll explore the Enneagram types Nine Ways of Seeing the World and harness the personal and professional growth that comes with understanding our type.


2020 October 15 (Thursday), November 11, December 9 

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Wake up your Leadership in 2020. Join a Conscious Leadership Circle

Learning with peers is a powerful way to become a Conscious Leader.

A Conscious Leadership Circle is an opportunity to deepen your self-awareness, develop a regular practice of Conscious Leadership with a dedicated group focused on personal and professional growth.

The group accelerates learning and members share life and leadership challenges through the lens of Conscious Leadership and are supported by the group and coach.

We draw on The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, by Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman and Kaley Klemp, as well as the work of Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks and other conscious leadership experts. We also use the wisdom of the Enneagram to help spot repeating patterns to shift.

We grow our conscious community through regular meetings, moderated online boards and strong personal bonds among group members.


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Virtual Classes for Your Team


Self Leadership for a Drama-Free Office

This fun and highly interactive live workshop focuses on skills for creating a drama-free workplace through the core concepts of Conscious Leadership, including emotional intelligence and taking 100 percent responsibility for your actions.

By focusing on self-leadership, this 21st Century model supports everyone in an organization from CEO to intern. You will learn practical tools for self-awareness, which is a critical skill for high-performing leaders and teams. Emotional intelligence is recognized as increasingly important for tightly connected teams and is the foundation of Conscious Leadership.

With this professional development opportunity, you’ll leave knowing:

  • Why it can be hard to stay open and curious in conflict or when you’re afraid
  • Your personal recipe for being defensive (we all do it!) and why knowing it boosts resilience and ability to get along with others
  • The formula for drama at work (and life!), why it repeats and how to stop it
  • How to play with drama and specific moves to shift out of it for you and your colleagues

Coach Meg Dennison has taught this workshop around the country and inside organizations. Without fail, people enjoy themselves while learning valuable operating skills for work and life.

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Four Questions of A Conscious Leader

Join me for a bite-size intro to the essential skill of Conscious Leaders: spotting defensiveness, understanding the cost to yourself and those you work with and moving into a state of curiosity and learning.

  • Learn your special sauce of defensiveness that blocks learning, creativity and connection
  • Learn the emotional intelligence signs of curiosity and defensiveness
  • Test your willingness to change
  • Learn three ways to shift into a state of learning

Email me at [email protected] to schedule a 30-minute interview to see if this is a good fit for your or book your 30-minute call below.
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Claim Your Genius

Bring your curiosity to this bite-size intro to Genius based on Gay Hendricks’ best-selling book, The Big Leap. When you are in your Genius, whatever you are doing is so effortless that you don’t even know you are doing it (and you might mistakenly believe it comes easily to everyone).

You will learn:

  • The four levels of competence and why most of us resist our Genius
  • The common false beliefs that keep you stuck in things you do well (and are paid well to do), but you don’t really enjoy
  • Three steps you can take right now to spend more time in Genius

Email me at [email protected] to schedule a 30-minute interview to see if this is a good fit for your or book your 30-minute call below.
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Meg is a truly transformational coach. She manages to be both challenging and supportive at once and created a high-trust learning environment that was an effective catalyst for growth among the leaders in our group, Whether in a large group setting or smaller virtual forum, you can count on Meg for insightful and incisive guidance.

Kelly Wenzel

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