Thriving Women’s Leadership


Thriving Women’s Leadership

You’ve read the books
Watched the videos.
Been to a workshop.

Maybe your company even runs on conscious leadership.

But you haven’t had a place to practice what you’ve learned to be with women on the path as conscious leaders.

You haven’t embodied conscious leadership as the life-changer it promises…

Until now.

Three times a year, I gather 10 amazing women for an invite-only Conscious Leadership gathering. We meet part virtual with four Zoom meetings, and end with an in-person retreat  at my home in Santa Cruz, CA.

If you’re

Hungry for feedback
Want company to practice Conscious Leadership
Want to see your blindspots and do something about them
At a point in life where where you know what got you here won’t get you there
Tired of your old stories about yourself
Clear on the importance of doing your inner work

Yes, there are tactical benefits to becoming a conscious leader, including:

  • Be a better coach for your team
  • Be the leader they listen to
  • Easily have the difficult conversations you used to avoid 
  • Understand different personality and leadership styles (including your own)
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Enjoy your work relationships more
  • Do the work that’s most aligned with your genius

But the most important benefit is powering your own transformation by taking 100 percent responsibility for your life.

Find out…

What makes you tick?
What ticks you off?
And how do you get out of your own way?

You are smart. You may even be a good-enough leader already. But you know there’s no finish line for developing your own potential.


Once you commit to doing your inner work, your path becomes clear.

  • You confidently lead from curiosity and learn from feedback
  • That gut-wrenching feeling that you don’t belong fades 
  • When you make a mistake, you get the learning and move on 
  • You feel energized at the end of the day
  • You even welcome your “ugly” parts once you see their gifts
  • Your mindset shifts from being a victim of circumstances, a TO-ME stance, to a BY-ME stance.
  • You see how you’re creating your experience with every choice

In Thriving Women, you’ll belong to a small group of women willing to hold that vision. They’re radically committed to their own personal and professional growth. 


And. To. Yours.

Conscious leadership helped me keep imposter syndrome at bay when I was anxious about my first C-suite job. I joined the group to remind myself that I’m practicing conscious leadership principles because this is the way that I want to lead. I want a positive workplace and to set the example for my team.

Kimiko Martinez

chief marketing and communications officer, Yosemite Conservancy

In a live weekend retreat in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, you’ll create your thriving conscious leadership life.

That means cultivating self-curiosity, emotional intelligence and body intelligence. How you do a minute is how you do an hour… is how you do life.  

It means using the Enneagram, an ancient transformational tool, to become a ninja at catching yourself in unhelpful patterns and doing something about them. 

It means giving up stories about yourself (and others) that lock you in an outdated worldview. 

Once you know yourself and integrate that self-awareness into your everyday actions, people see you differently.

They ask what you’ve been up to. Your influence grows. After practicing in the group, the benefits of your learnings ripple out to  your team, your company, your customers and others in your orbit. 


You become a conscious leader.

In our time together, side-by-side with effective women leaders, you will:

  • Deepen your self-awareness for great leadership 
  • Feel feel less lonely on your leadership journey 
  • Get loving feedback on how you’re really showing up in the world
  • Be challenged to develop your influence
  • Learn transformational practices to help you relax and feel aligned
  • Create close personal connections with other women so you expand your edges with love, compassion, and humor 
  • Practice conscious leadership so you can take the tools to your team
  • Develop practices to move from a TO-ME to a BY-ME worldview, where you are consciously creating what you want

“I sought out Meg to help me navigate a professional crossroads. She helped me to gain valuable insights and pushed me to access a better version of myself. I especially appreciated her guidance with the practices of Conscious Leadership. Through my sessions with Meg, I was able to translate Conscious Leadership techniques from words on a page to interactions with other people. The tools and perspectives I gained from working with Meg were invaluable.”

Alicia Seiger

managing director, Sustainable Finance Initiative, Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford University



  • Monthly 2-hour virtual group meetings. In expertly facilitated sessions, you’ll practice conscious leadership skills, learn from each other and get the wisdom of the group 
  • One private 50-minute coaching sessions with Meg. Get clear on your specific leadership style, including self-sabotage to watch out for, how to amplify your gifts and how you interact with others. Or, get 1-1 help with something specific at work. 
  • Match with a learning partner. In monthly check-ins, practice your conscious leadership skills with with a current issue and build close relationships with other members.
  • Investment is $3500 before Sept 5!

And, we’ll be getting together IN PERSON… You will actually meet the women behind the Zoom cameras for a weekend retreat in Santa Cruz! 

With virtual sessions before and after the retreat, this transformational program sets you up for success to use your skills on real life and work issues!  

We’ll enjoy great food, learning, and CONNECTION. We’ll do a deep dive into conscious leadership skills to address YOUR issues at work and at home.

Experience the best of Santa Cruz, with the beach and the redwoods so close. Come early or stay late for an extra session with Meg or an afternoon at a local spa.

I chose Meg to coach me after attending her Enneagram workshop for Kauffman Fellows. It’s hard for me to talk about myself, but Meg created a safe space to learn how my Enneagram type influences my behavior. Since working with her, I’m much more confident, grounded in myself, and ready to take this next leap to start my own company.

Maia Sharpley

Kauffman Fellow & Impact Investor


This group is limited to only 10 women. Apply here and we’ll get on a call to make sure it’s a right fit!

Don’t stay in the old patterns of leadership that lead to burnout and isolation. If you don’t do your inner work to make this year an amazing year of growth, connection, you’ll be stuck in drama, dead-end conversations and difficult relationships with your work colleagues. 

About me:

I’m passionate about supporting women to become conscious leaders! 

I’ve helped women find their place and excel as startup CEOs, founders and team leaders in a range of industries. The common thread is a willingness to go beyond tips and tricks to develop the self-awareness to become conscious leaders and take 100 percent responsibility for what they are creating, both at work and in personal life.

I’m a Conscious Leadership and Enneagram expert. My small groups make connection a priority while people are practicing what they learn. Then they take it to the world, whether that’s a startup, a non-profit, or a tech team (and of course their families!). 

My kids are grown, but I’ve been that mom working with kids banging on the door. I’ve also reinvented my 30+ year marriage several times for joy, transparency, and creative expression.



This is for you if you’re:

  • An entrepreneur or business owner who wants to learn in community with women
  • A team leader wanting tools to create a healthy team
  • Integrating 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership into your team
  • A big fan of The Big Leap or Gay and Katie Hendricks

Meg was a great support during a very busy time in my career. She met me with empathy and helped me gain perspective that was instrumental in navigating the waters. The conscious leadership principles she applied during our sessions led to numerous breakthrough insights into blocks I was encountering, particularly in regards to my working relationships with others. These insights enabled me to enhance my leadership effectiveness and confidently take on new challenges.

Jennifer Shenker

Head of People Rewards, Analytics and Operations, Asana

Why This Gathering of Leaders is Unique

ONE: Take 100 percent responsibility for how you’re creating your lives and be willing to see your blind spots.

TWO: See yourself as a creator. By focusing on where you are in relation to an issue — open or defensive — you support each other in transforming your relationships.

THREE: Group learning is incredibly powerful. You may feel alone. But in the group, you’ll let yourself be known and see how you share experiences as leaders and women.

FOUR: Uncovering unconscious patterns through the Enneagram is one way we become more self-aware. The Enneagram is a powerful personality tool that helps us understand our motivation and worldview and is a key to Conscious Leadership.


I’ve led these transformational groups for coaches, for entrepreneurs, and inside organizations. People stretch outside their comfort zone and learn and make choices for a more expanded life than they thought was possible.


Conscious Leadership follows these key commitments:

  1. 100 Percent Responsibility: Move from Victim to Creator to author your life and support those around you to claim theirs.
  2. Become a Curiosity Machine: Choose learning and growing over being right, even in the face of adversity.
  3. Feel Your Feelings: Emotional intelligence is an essential leadership ingredient.
  4. Communicate Clearly: Speak honestly, explore the opposite of your story, and be willing to speak directly and have clear conversations to end gossip.
  5. Live a Life of Integrity: Make and keep impeccable agreements. Source your own safety and be willing to trust others first.
  6. Appreciation: Lead with appreciation, which comes from your keen insight into another person. Stretch yourself to fully receive.
  7. Genius Zone: What is it that you do best and when you do it time disappears? That’s your Genius. Holding back deprives the world of your best stuff.
  8. Play: Playful people generate curiosity and curiosity helps us hold our stories lightly, deepen learning, and experience new possibilities. And, it renews the mind, body, and spirit.



Along with The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, here are a few of my favorite resources.

From the Hendricks Institute The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks

Conscious Loving, by Gay and Kathleen Hendricks

From The Conscious Leadership Group Video for Locating Yourself Above or Below the Line Video: Context vs Content

Meg is a truly transformational coach. She manages to be both challenging and supportive at once and created a high-trust learning environment that was an effective catalyst for growth among the leaders in our group, Whether in a large group setting or smaller virtual forum, you can count on Meg for insightful and incisive guidance.
Kelly Wenzel

Director of Global Marketing for Amazon Pay

I’ve always been a successful professional, but coaching with Meg has boosted my career in ways I never imagined. I’m now fully seeing myself as the effective and inspiring leader I’ve always been. Meg has also helped me to effectively manage my energy for greater productivity and less stress, so I’m happier at work and at home.
Nicole Butler

CEO United Minds, Newark, NJ

We wanted to create a company with a compelling culture of purpose and meaning. Working with Meg opened new possibilities for how to make that transition and allowed us to quickly activate our strategy and create the culture we wanted for our ideal workplace.
Adam Bouchard

Founder and CEO, Agilion, Burlington, VT

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