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Enjoy less stress, more energy and a clearer direction in your life and work.

Learn the tools of conscious leadership.

Working with me, you’ll learn to embody the practices of conscious leadership, the art of presence, emotional intelligence and high learning agility. You’ll lead with emotional intelligence, vision and purpose. You’ll learn to stop blindly reacting with the same responses you know don’t work but haven’t figured out how to change.

Bridge the gap between concept and action in playful and powerful ways

We’ll implement consistent practices to create self-awareness, the key to conscious leadership. You’ll spot and interrupt your own unconscious patterns and adopt sustainable behaviors that generate trust, boost resilience and support collaboration with your colleagues.

I’ve spent the last decade working with pioneers of conscious leadership.

I got my start with Gay Hendricks, author of The Big Leap, and Kathlyn Hendricks, president of The Hendricks Institute. I earned certification as a Big Leap Coach and a graduate of the two-year Hendricks’ Leadership and Transformation Program,

Using myself as the laboratory, I created a new, more effective and sustainable way to support my own personal achievement while at the same time being in relationship with a high-achieving executive whose stressful work style I had allowed to sap my vitality.  This watershed experience put me on the path to supporting other high achievers — and their business and intimate partners — to be their most creative and most sustainable selves.

Teaching the tools of conscious leadership

Through my own work and as a consultant with the Conscious Leadership Group, I brought these practices to the business world through public and private programs and supporting coaches to deeply learn these practices. I also use the Enneagram personality typing system to help my clients understand and shift ingrained relational patterns that are keeping them stuck.

The journey to inspired leadership is so much more than being a good boss. As a transformational coach, I’ve helped even deeply discouraged leaders become radically effective, inspiring and unafraid to share their genius.

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