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Achieve your goals for 2018 and enjoy your success! 

Whether you’re reinventing yourself, launching a business or have already have a pretty awesome business going, you have this idea that you could be doing better.

So Why Don’t You Feel Happier About Your Success? 

It’s called the The Upper Limit Problem

My friend Gay identified Upper Limit Problem (ULPS) in his best-selling book, “The Big Leap.”

During years of working with high-level executives, he found that even the world’s most successful people face this problem.  The key is raising your internal thermostat for success.


The Big Leap Mastermind is a powerful coach-led group of entrepreneurs who are committed to creating an awesome business and life.  These people wake up in the morning with curiosity, drive and love, knowing the power of a tribe to support them on the journey.

They are willing to face what’s stopping them from accomplishing their goals and make 2018 the year they play in a bigger league than they ever imagined. 


       “Masterminds are very powerful”                             — Gay Hendricks

Why Join Big Leap Mastermind?

“The big thing is having someone like Meg who believes in me.  It’s not that my friends and family don’t believe in me, but this is different. I’m not around a lot of people who have big visions and the Mastermind is a different atmosphere.  Meg is a solid, grounded person. She gets right to the core of what’s happening, and she sees us bigger than we see ourselves.” 

— Madeleine Eames, therapist and inventor of The Breathe, a patented wearable to support calmness, Salmon Arm, Canada

Imagine dialing up a group of trusted advisors who will:

  • Help you use the skills you already have
  • Listen deeply to what you want to create in the world
  • Ask the questions to get you to your goals
  • Connect you with the people and resources through their networks
  • Clear the emotional and psychological baggage standing between you and your off-the-charts success


     Join an amazing group, hand-picked by me who will:

  • See your brilliance and call you on your bullshit. With love.
  • Help you clear up confusion and and overwhelm preventing you from taking action.
  • Break your big goals down into doable actions 
  • Offer strategy and their expertise
  • Celebrate your success and remind you that you’re an amazing human doing incredible things.
  • Remind you that taking exquisite care of yourself also supports your business goals.


The 2018 Big Leap Mastermind Includes:

  • TWO 60 minute 1:1 coaching call with Meg, one at the beginning to clarify your goals and the second midway to assess your progress.
  • TEN two-hour mastermind calls with Meg and 3-6 other like-minded entrepreneurs keen to get busy implementing strategy and seeing results.
  • ONE bonus call
  • A private Facebook group for added support between Mastermind calls

Brilliant strategy isn’t everything

In fact, it’s no good if you sabotage yourself every time you nail the next step. Success is often scarier than failure.  We fear if we get too big for our britches, we might even lose love of the people we care about most.

Think I’m kidding?

Have you ever wondered why you can have a great success in your business the same day that you have an earth-shaking fight with your spouse?

There is absolutely no connection between the two events, except that after the fight, you FEEL more like the very ordinary and not so-successful person you were before your big success. Ahhhh, back to familiar feelings…

“Meg is so amazing at making huge things feel manageable. Her gift is she  knew just how hard to push me. She saw what I was capable of and helped me find the missing piece to make it all come together.”

— Jennifer White, founder, Music Makers, Kansas City

 Join the Big Leap Mastermind



  • Are you sabotaging your success by creating conflict after you’ve experienced a big success? You want to enjoy success! But the truth is that after we hit a big milestone, we often mess up the good feeling by worrying or blaming or criticizing your business partner or spouse – maybe even getting sick. Upper Limits Problem 
  • You are doing what  you do well and may be well-paid, but you don’t feel happy. Spending more time in your zone of genius brings flow and happiness to your business. Working in your zone of Excellence, not Genius
  • You don’t know how to say NO. Learning when you have a Whole Body Yes (and if it’s not, it’s a NO) is critical to enjoying success. While you may choose to do some things that you do not have a full-body yes to or that are not in your zone of genius (like Excel for me!), making your decisions consciously moves you out of that self-sabotaging victim mindset.
  • You feel unworthy of your success and may even be falling prey to one of the four hidden barriers – including the fear that if you are too successful, you could lose someone you love.

“Learning how I create Upper Limits for myself has changed the way I think about my own success and that of my super successful business clients in my sales accelerator.  Now, when I make big steps in my business, I’m aware of the specific things I may do to stop myself from enjoying that success and moving to the next level, as well as being more aware of observing it in my clients.”   Carolyn Herfurth, founder and CEO, The Biztruth


Big Leap Mastermind is FOR YOU if you are:

  • Reinventing yourself or your business
  • Already in business and are (or already have) taken a class or seminar that is pushing your edges
  • In a place of feeling stuck and your business isn’t growing as it should
  • Curious about what’s really going on beyond your strategy
  • Curious by nature and like to learn
  • Willing to listen and support others
  • Want support for including self-care as essential to your success

    “I wasn’t sure this was right for me, and it turned out to be everything I needed it to be. Not only did I achieve my business goals beyond my expectations, I knew I had raised my internal thermostat for enjoying success when I was willing to clear my calendar to spend time with my family.”

    — Luis Rivera, founder and CEO, Tactical Athlete Training Institute

Why Should I Join Big Leap Mastermind now?

I’ve already launched a Big Leap Mastermind and entrepreneurs are making great headway on their goals in the first half of the year, including a Kickstarter campaign for a music venture, defining a coaching business, and writing website copy for a non-profit advisory.

What are you ready to get done this year?  With more than half the year left, it’s still possible to make big strides. Join the next Mastermind in May 2018 and we’ll help you nail your 2018 goals.

            Masterminds — Many Minds Together — Get It Done

2018 Big Leap Mastermind is for you if:

  • You have big changes in your life/business and you want a team to have your back 
  • You have an inkling that a failure of strategy is NOT what’s holding you back.
    You’re thinking: “I can’t possibly feel this good.”
  • You know you have much more potential and you want to start 2018 strong.                   We’ll stretch you, hold you accountable, and create realistic goals — all with love.
  • You want to implement what you’ve learned at Good Life Project, B-School, Real Speaking, or any program or class where you learned tools and strategy. 
  • You are ready to fully ENJOY your success!  We’re hard-wired to look for the negative and quick to blame people and circumstances for our missteps. We already know the familiar feeling of failure, and sometimes. This group will help you succeed and fully ENJOY your success, which is an unfamiliar feeling for many highly successful people.


Why Mastermind with Me?

  • You’ll achieve your goals, savor your success and write your own recipe for business happiness
  • You’ll create a business that fits with the life you want
  • You’ll learn actionable tools to stamp out fear and self-sabotage and enjoy being in business for yourself
  • You’ll have the power of a great Mastermind behind you so you feel less lonely

I’m also a coach and consultant with the Conscious Leadership Group, which works with CEOs to bring conscious leadership to the corporate world. I’ve lead private and public workshops at places like The World Bank Group and Women In Technology International.  

“Meg’s an expert listener.  She’ll challenge your irrational assumptions and help you safely confront your fears, establish healthier patterns and move through change.” Regina Decorte,  Hoboken, NJ

This mastermind is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t play well with others We’re expecting you to show up for the team, listen closely and when it’s your turn, be ready to offer advice AND be willing to listen to the feedback from others.
  • You’d really rather have one to one coaching Learning in a group is very powerful. But if you’d rather just work with me to make your Big Leap in any area of your business or personal life, click here to talk about working one-on-one. 


Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply for a spot.  If you’ve read this far, you are likely a great candidate, but one of the things that makes my Masterminds great is putting the right people in the right room together. (Apply even if you are not sure; taking this step is a great way to move yourself forward.)
  2. Make the financial commitment.  Getting your projects done by the end of the year is priceless. Joining the Mastermind will stretch you, but it shouldn’t create financial hardship.
  3. I’ve shared The Big Leap tools with many clients and worked with Gay to create new tools to put the concepts in action. Putting it all together in the Mastermind format is my way of helping you make 2017 a great year.

 “In her workshops, Meg engaged even the reluctant attendees with warmth and humor and she provided actionable behavior-changing steps that people could use in their daily lives.” Tony Calabrese, facilitator of Maplewood Professionals in Transition

Your Big Leap in 2018 is a Priceless Investment in You

Imagine finishing the year with your goals accomplished! 

Committing to your Big Leap NOW jumpstarts the process.  

  • 12 Mastermind sessions over six months
  • Plus, one BONUS session
  • TWO 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Meg to identify your goals and ways you sabotage yourself before you start and one check-in midway through the program
  • A private Mastermind Facebook group where you can share your wins with the Masterminders in all my groups.
  • Purchased separately, this coaching package is valued at $4,200. Your price is $3500 (a $700 savings) if paid in full.  An installment payment plan is also available.


Take Your Big Leap NOW!

The next Big Leap Mastermind starts soon 



More questions? Schedule 30 minutes and ask me anything!