Catching Yourself in the Act…
And What Self-Aware Conscious Leaders Do Next

Face palm, cringe, and “Oh there I go again! Argh!” 

Congratulations! You caught yourself! 

You’re building your self-awareness, the key to Conscious Leadership. 

What you do after you catch yourself matters, too. 

Three ways to get better at catching yourself AND making a new choice. 

1.Grow your self-awareness, which means paying attention to your thoughts and actions and being curious about them. Knowing your Enneagram type is one of the best ways to learn the patterns that you don’t even know you are doing. 

2.Stop! Take a breath. After you catch yourself, you may feel reactive, angry or critical of yourself. Count to 10. Make a sound, like hummm…. Calm yourself. Give yourself grace. With practice, you can learn to make a space between the thing that’s bugging you and your response. (Meditating for even a few minutes a day helps.) 

3.Make a new choice. This is where the Conscious Leadership framework comes in. Get skilled in knowing in any moment whether you are Above or Below the Line. Above the line means you are open and curious and acting from a place of trust. Below the line means that you are closed and defensive and reacting from a place of fear. We are constantly dropping below the line, but steps 1 and 2 here will help you move above the line and be responsive, not reactive. Download this guide to locating yourself as open or defensive! 

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What’s Your Leadership Style?

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