Are you asking the question: HOW am I racist? Adding the HOW to the question, helps me past the yes/no, I am or I’m not part. It helps me as a Conscious Leader to get curious about my own racist behaviors so I can adopt anti-racist behaviors. It’s there because it’s the water I swim in, even with lifelong “awareness” of my privilege as a white woman.

I’ll skip the part about how I’ve done the best I know how to not be racist. What I am facing now is that “not being racist” is not enough to activate change. Building my Anti-Racist muscle comes from Facing, Accepting, Choosing and Taking Action (F.A.C.T)

Here’s how I’m doing it: 

  1. Face that I have not regularly challenged the institution of racism.
  2. Accept myself as racist. That means that my life circumstances are that I’m white and privileged. It’s the water I swim in.
  3. Choose to be Anti-Racist, not simply “not racist.” That means actively supporting Blacks and People of Color. It means challenging institutional practices that bake in the racism.
  4. Take Action through sharing what I believe creates change and contribute financial support for those already organized to challenge racist systems.

How can you use the FACT process to create change for yourself? 

My usual share is what I’ve kitchen, bedroom, office tested.This time, I’m inviting you to join me in the unknown and uncomfortable, including an opportunity to read and discuss White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. Email me at [email protected] if you’d like to join the book discussion. 

Click here to access Anti-Racist resources.