I Know That Man

On page one of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, the best-selling primer on Conscious Leadership, we meet Tim. He’s overworked, stressed, sleep-deprived and functioning on caffeine and adrenaline. 

Tim’s highly successful. 

He’s also an unconscious leader on an unsustainable path. 

When I first read this book in publishers draft, I recognized that Tim was very much like a version of the Tim to whom I had been married for 25 years. My Tim was a highly successful news executive who was deeply unconscious. A workplace meltdown set him on the path to reclaiming himself and becoming a conscious leader at work, and eventually, at home.

The principles of Conscious Leadership are more than tips and tricks to get through a day without your head exploding, though that’s a great start. And it turns out that it’s not really possible to leave self-awareness and the truth it surfaces at the office door.

A Bridge from Work to Home

Tim and I began implementing the tools of Conscious Leadership he learned through his professional development in our home life: taking 100 percent responsibility, for a start.

The effect was profound, and also terrifying. We got a glimpse of what it feels like to fully live from a place of presence and joy, not just in our well-worn patterns that included blame and criticism. And as my mentors Gay and Katie Hendricks advised, this awakening came with the challenge of being willing to enjoy an ever expanding level of abundance, success and love.

Not just as a leader at work, but as a spouse and parent, Tim and I saw that practicing the tools of Conscious Leadership every day created a Conscious Leadership Life.

Conscious Leadership Life

That’s what I want to invite you into with this blog and the Conscious Leadership Life community. Connection. Support. Awareness. Learning. Over the year, I’ll be sharing Conscious Leadership tools and ways to support you in claiming 100 percent responsibility for what you are creating in all areas of your life.

My goal is to create a community where we Heal the Work/Life Split through greater self-awareness, a willingness to be fully revealed in ever wider circles of connection, and master the art of curiosity.

If you lead a team or head a company, I’ll support you in engaging employees and creating teams that collaborate from deep trust. Leading from Above the Line with openness, curiosity and commitment to learning is a prescription for great work culture.

It’s also medicine for healthy relationships everywhere. If you’re an entrepreneur working on your own, a founder or simply want to be closer to your family and friends, create new ways of being in the world through Conscious Leadership and the Enneagram.

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