It’s OK to brag around here. I mean that. I’m all about helping women become conscious leaders and I want to hear you shout from the rooftops!

What are you proud of today? What have you overcome? Reach out to me and let me know. I want to hear about it.

What’s an acceptable tooting of your own horn? (Did that headline make you cringe and wonder about humility?)

My Thriving Leaders Circle is awesome, as I mentioned recently. And, I tooted the horn for female founders to join me at Fourthwave, which helps women entrepreneurs become conscious leaders.

I guess you could call that braggy. A reader did.

And I had the thought… Does keeping quiet about our work serve us? Let’s all be helping women become conscious leaders by celebrating each other wildly!

Even if you don’t put it in your newsletter, celebrate your wins.


Why? Because celebrating your wins moves you to the next goal, even if you’re exhausted from commuting again, still juggling at home or have finally seen a massive project come to fruition.

Because, when we can appreciate ourselves AND others, we open the tap for full expression of ourselves and others and we grow professionally and personally.

Here are some braggy tips from my friends:

  • Keep a Fabulous File, says Angela Raspass, author of Your Next Chapter. It’s a folder of cards, emails, and otherwise encouraging notes, that you keep handy (preferably printed) that remind you of being appreciated for your best work.
  • Make a Best of You list. Then share it with at least one person, someone who you can really let loose with, Sue Heilbronner challenges in her blog. Cultivate yourself to be someone who can listen to your friends brag without comparing yourself unfavorably or making your own lowlights list.
  • Tracking your accomplishments is not just for your own puffery. It helps your career because you’ll want to remember the highlights when you go for a new job, promotion, or get invited to a podcast interview, says Anne @mybestfriendatwork.

What are you bragging about today? 

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