GLOW: A steady radiance of light or heat without flame; a strong feeling of pleasure or wellbeing. 

I’ll be writing it on my bathroom mirror, drawing on a poster for my office, and putting it on my phone cover so I weave it into life and bring it into action each day to open to possibilities, insights, and potentials for the year.

What’s your word for 2021?

Here’s a contemplative exercise to pick your word (click to download) that asks what you need for 2021, what’s in your way, and what needs to go.  Give yourself 30 minutes, play music and move around while you are answering the questions.  For me, GLOW was a surprise and surfaced over optimism, action, freedom, confidence, space, and expansion.

Tell me your word! (and why if you like) by contacting me and we’ll make a word cloud

Here’s another way to pick your 2021 word:

If you were to wear one T-Shirt with only ONE word on it for ALL of 2021, what would that word be? And why? 

My extended family’s answer to this question is above.

Their words and why’s were moving, and reflected struggles and learning from 2020, what they missed most and what they wanted from next. And a few were nonsense words that only had meaning for them, like Bill-eive, the belief that the Buffalo Bill’s football team will make it to playoffs…

Recommitting to Public Learning

For much of 2020, I was part of a friends’ (now ended) fun experiment with an asynchronous video platform called Channels, which is related to Marco Polo (send me a polo, if you like). What I loved most about it, besides seeing my friends’ faces, was their willingness to learn in public.  It’s a hallmark of the happiest leaders I know  to be open to feedback from all sorts of places and people and to share their learnings. I’m inspired to share more on video this year.

I’ll also include video or audio lessons as part of my Women’s Conscious Leadership Circle. It starts Tuesday, January 26, so call me if you want to chat about it.

Here’s what Women are saying about joining the Conscious Leadership Circle 

They want IN because:

  • They want to be with other women in a close group to start 2021
  • They have a learning circle at work, but it’s mostly men
  • They’ve seen the impact of Conscious Leadership on someone close to them. (That’s was my gateway many years ago… My husband was learning at work, and well, you can’t be one person at home and another at work. He was LIT UP, and I wanted what he was having!) 
  • They’re curious about the power of the Enneagram for transformation
  • They know the power of a group for accelerated personal growth and they want it!
  • They want the experience of Conscious Leadership

What’s your reason for joining?

Here are ALL the details.

Schedule a 30-minute call to talk about the Women’s Circle or anything else that’s on your mind!